Find a Stepping Stone

When the hang is too high,
find a stepping stone.
When the wind is too rough,
hold onto a rope,
find your feet, and move on.
When the road becomes too dark
and the path seems lonely,
let the stars guide you home.
When you stop seeing me,
remember these words,
and I’ll be there to wipe the dust
in your eyes for they have blinded your thought.


Let the dreams fly

Whatever life throws at you, just know you are not feeling it alone. Life’s full of ups and downs, and whatever has a begining will definitely have an ending.

Come what may, I will live!
Music or not, I will dance!
I will string a chord
of the tune I feel,
and I will away wantonly.
Orange or lime, I ll devour!
And, when the sky is clear,
I will wine and dine,
till I feel no sorrow no more


The One Who Never Listened

Listen! You aren’t listening to me!
Etoni, why aren’t you ever listening?
You have never listened! Never!
And now what? I didn’t tell you?
What a joke!!!
Etoni, I told you every single day I woke.
I held on to your pinky.
I snuggled so close I could smell my insecurity.
Remember when I told you I needed 100 dollars? You looked up at me.
Etoni, you stared deep in my eyes
for the very first time in a long time.
I was tempted to reveal the secret,
but I knew then, it was too late.
I had become a burden.

You can’t even see me right now!
First, you were too busy with your sadness, then your anger, then your joy and world of glories. Your lamentation still weighs a ton on my battered mind of how your disappointments so easily shut my tongue and rage.
You were always too busy to notice,
too busy to see me fading.
How could I have hung my nothing on ur sleeve when you kept reminding me of how unnecessary I had become in your life!
How fazed and disposable I’ve become.
How could I tell you with words?
You never showed me with words!
If you had, my heart wouldn’t hurt so.
Your words always had a way of offering soothing comfort ointier than balsm.
Even those have become despairingly short;
‘You know I love you’

‘You know I love you’
Etoni, I don’t know! I don’t know!!!
For Mercy’s sake, Etoni, I’m lost!!!
‘I love you’
That wasn’t what you said
when you swept me off my feet.
”Let’s breathe together’ Etoni
was the holy mantra you had cried.
I knew you had meant it,
I saw it written in those eyes.
And I believed! I never doubted!
If you still breathe with me,
should you not know
when a stone grew in my bowels?
Should you not know
when my breath is fallen out of tune? Well, I don’t know how else to break this Calabash hanging on my sick and grey shoulders. This may be my last love letter, but, please, remember me, even just a teaspoon, in your busy schedule.



Etoni loved her, but was so busy with his life he forgot her little happiness. His neglect became so much a habit, he forgot to notice the little difference in her breath and step. She left a letter when she faded with the wind.

Sometimes, we feel neglected and lonely, even when we have people by our side. It could be we are actually neglected or not, but feel unwanted or displaced.

Humans, by the way we are built, crave attention and a sense of belonging, whether we choose to admit it or not. But, most especially, from the very ones we want/love, and when we are not feeling the attention, we tend to fade so very slowly. Some creep right into depression, some struggle to move on, while some others commit suicide. In as much as this sounds sad, we have been built to lean on each other (more like the ones we love) emotionally.

The problem with mankind is not the love, but the action and attitude. Attitude complements intention. Some people we love are right beside us, but feel all alone in the world. We tend to neglect the very little things so much that we creep, consciously or unconsciously, into a state of indifference. And, when we do, it controls our thoughts and actions so much it becomes a habit that determines how those around us perceive our intentions.

We are convinced we are giving all to those around us, but they think otherwise because we are giving what we want which might just be different from what makes those around us truly happy.

Let’s learn to make those around us feel truly wanted and at home with our heart and intentions so you won’t wake up one day after they are gone, with regret about the little things you didn’t do with them.

Leave your comments/suggestions below. It’d be appreciated.

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Perfect Pictures of the Sky to Brighten up your Day

The sky, also known as the celestial dome, is everything that resides above the surface of the Earth, including the atmosphere and outer space.

Astronomists call the sky the celestial sphere; an abstract sphere, centred on the earth, on which the Sun, stars, planets, and the Moon appear to be travelling.

The sky provides soothing ambience to humans, not just because of its aesthetic qualities, but also its peaceful and calming effect to the soul. It brings us closer to nature and brightens the way we look at life.

It’s home to every life on Earth; the high, the low, the big, the small. We all breathe under the same sky and appreciate it’s benevolence all the same.

There’s a saying that no one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.



‘Courtney! Courtney!! Are you in there? Courtney!!!

‘Yes, mom’ Courtney called from her room. ‘I’ll sleep just a little bit more and come out’

‘Philip’s on the line, and he says it’s urgent’

There was a pause. ‘Would you like to speak with him?’ Another pause.

‘Mom… ca_n_’ She was about to say something else when she broke down. Life had been playing quite a funny game on her these past few months. Philip is someone she’d never think she’d have to live without someday.

Love and friendship are two different experiences that leaves one either mended or broken. Friendship is a very powerful course, but could lose its potency in a matter of seconds. When those cords are broken, the aftermath could be unnervening. Love, on the other hand, leaves a very strange impression that people experience based on the strength of their commitment while it lasted. Some leave with so much hatred and disgust for their partner (hate wouldn’t exist without love), some would want nothing to do with love ever again, some leave with trust issues, some keep going no matter how tough the journey becomes. The root of all these lies within the expectations not met. In the end, broken relationship leaves despair that last longer that the exes could ever admit. They end up taking either the role of a victim or perpetrator in their next relationship, depending on how different their current partner is from their ex. Some people may decide to torment so they won’t be tormented, while some are just hopeless romantics. The true test of love lies in the torment you decide to bear for the sake of the beautiful times you can’t resist. This, to some, makes relationship a very vicious circle they are not prepared for, but who’s ever prepared for love? But, above friendship and love is a greater enigma, which is Courtney’s fate.

Courtney had been friends with Philip for so many years they could count it off as centuries. Their friendship was so beautiful they ate the same lunch and had the same hobby. They both loved Art. Courtney couldn’t play the Guitar but could play the Piano. Philip couldn’t play the Piano, but could definitely play the Guitar. They taught each other a lot of things. They had misunderstandings too. They were best friends, of course. Such misunderstandings, however, always left them laughing hysterically. Courtney’s mum rushed into the living room once thinking they were at each other’s throats, just to find out out they were arguing which cast played their role better in a movie they just saw together.

‘I love it better when you wear faded jeans’ ‘Ewww!!! How could you even think that? Cargo pants are the best’ ‘America’s got better plans than Japan’ ‘Japan rocks full-time’ ‘You know I prefer Burger to Pizza’ ‘Go get married if you want to eat what you prefer’ ‘You can’t drop that there. You are so dirty’ ‘Dirtier than your room?’ and so on.

Philip’s friend, Mike, invited them to his Parents’ Anniversary once. While the friends were having a time-out in the living room playing Chess, Philip made a bad move, against Courtney’s advice, which resulted in Mike’s team winning. Philip looked up at Courtney and she said ‘That was an obvious move. It’s common sense’ Philip replied, ‘I guess you’d have played better, Miss smarty-pants’ Before he could retrace his steps, she retorted ‘I’d have lent you some sense if you had asked’ Mike was the first to start laughing, then others in the group joined him. They were having fun and thought it would last so long. ‘Yea, right! If you are not careful, I’ll take the sneakers I gave you yesterday back’ Philip said jokingly. ‘Oh no! Please, don’t! You know mum’s not at home, so it’s the only thing left for me to eat’ she rolled her eyes and shook his head with her hands ever so lightly. Philip simply gave up.

He had his own moment of shine the next week when they both attended a Seminar together. Courtney had blackmailed him into following her since, according to her, he had nothing better to do. He fought, but she won. She reminded him of the day before when he had called her by 9pm to drive all the way to the next town to pick him up. She had been working on her Seminar paper, but obliged him. After all, she couldn’t not.

From the time she climbed the stage to present her paper to the time she stepped down, Philip kept making winky dinky faces he knew she’d never be able to resist, at her. She tried so much to not laugh, but when he threw his middle finger in his nose and made that surprised face as though he couldn’t tell if there was something in there or not, she squeezed her face. He noticed she was looking and let out a very low laugh with a funny face, then she totally lost it. When she tried to cover up her laughter with a fit of cough for the sake of the public, he snuck out the room with a satisfied look on his face.

‘Are you alright’ came Mrs. Samson from the Sitting Room. Silence. ‘Courtney seems to still be asleep. I’ll let her know you called’ She said into the telephone. The caller must have said ‘okay’ because she said ‘thank you’ and hung up.

‘Whatever transpired between these two must be heavy’ she thought to herself.

(to be continued…)

Never Again Take for Granted

There once was a time I thought
would last forever till I’m ready.
The time when I worried less about
living or anything added onto it,
when I could care less about health.
I was full of life and didn’t give a fig,
didn’t understand the complex nature
of life and didn’t dare to.
I thought less about youth and aging;
I lived it each day I saw the day break.
Scarce did i know worry; life did it for me.
I fumed when I got hungry,
revolted when the smoke became too dry.
I laughed when I saw the need,
frowned when I was too lazy to smile.
I cried when I became too indifferent
to be grateful for the one I had.

Now, each dawn of a new day
I wonder if my body, friends, have made
with the virus that walks on stunted heels.
I started wondering, then I imagined,
Now, I even see it all over my body.
They tell me it’s a figment of my mind.
What’s this pain in my throat?
What then is this stumbling block
Piercing a dagger through my heart?
I’ve questioned it all.
Are these really phantom , or the truth
that this fate is all I ever am; nothing but ash
that can be swallowed by a pandemic.
I must run from the people I yearn to hold
just because the reality of this I can’t tell.
My mama had said life is not all we see,
but I think I’ve seen it all already.

If ever, I mean, if ever this too passes,
never again will I take for granted
the fleeting aging of life and course.
Never again will I shy away from embracing
the ones who hold my heart dearest.
Never again will I throw away
even the tiniest bit memory I grew.
Never again will I take for granted
the little things that matter the most,
nor will I the sweat of dreams.

This burden of fear will I unbutton
if ever this too shall pass.
Laugh will I, till the streets, wanton, call me.
Wipe, will I ever, the tears of the lonely
Cherish will I, the embrace of the once fallen.
Sow will I, the seeds of mercy that
my heart will feed during famine.
I’ll ever scrub out the blots in my soul
till no blemish nor transgression be,
till in sheaves shall my sow abound.


Don’t forget to share so others will know they are not alone in this. Stay safe. One ❤️ always.

SHOW ME WHAT TO WEAR AND I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO WALK: Some Really Gloriously Sexy Cool Sneakers Therapeutic to the Eyes

Yes, it’s what y’all are thinking! I love shoes a whole lot, but sneakers! ahhhh!!! Those cute little creatures give me super chills all over, and I mean it.

And, I can’ wait to share with y’all some super sexy (yeah I said it, sexyyy) cool sneakers that would take your breath away.

Have you heard the saying “Wear a really sexy cool sneaker and you can count on catching your dream spouse” Well, I heard it for the first time too. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, I feel like I could fall in love at first sight if I ever catch a guy wearing any of these. Just saying haha!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This definitely tastes like a cup of Vanilla ice cream huh! Please, don’t ask me how I know; you’ll laugh. I can’t believe someone could be this creative though.

This sure looks like it would be therapeutic to someone’s eyes out there. You know the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this? The Egyptian pyramid guys!!! After a Zebra though Lol!!! They feel ethereal, if you ask me.

This pair, not only looks sporty, by super sexy cool. A pair could get you feeling all sexy on the track.

Ideally the yea- you-are-right-i-can-numb-your-brain kinda shoe no one (I believe) would ever wanna miss. A little bit of Brad Pitt served with a sexy Angelina Jolie you reckon.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! are all will say.

Simply elegant has never done anyone no harm.

What a show off!!! But, yea, if I had one of these, I’d definitely show off better… like walking really super slow mo on the street, bending down every moment to tie a shoe lace that never went loose in the first place. Probably fling my hair and make some cool moves as well.

I know, right?

You can say it again

Hold right on!!! I take back the whole slow mo thing before. I’ll slow mo with these. Haha

Exquisitely classy is the word.

Shoes make impressions you might not have been aware of while making a decision on what shoe to wear when you wanna go out. Well, word is you know now, and you had better start taking advantage of these creative inventions. I don’t even want to think about what the world would look like without yummy shoes (sneakers) like these.
Pop right back in next time to get some really cool comfy stuffs you might have been too busy to notice lately.